Season 2018 action

Round 18 action

TJ set to swoop on the loose ball.

Mike A-Z gathers the ball and is well supported by Bowen Hosking and Samuel Callins.

Sam Scott gets a kick away despite some pressure from his Onkas opponent.

Fife takes another great overhead mark.

And another

Bowen Hosking takes possession of the ball.

Thomas Griggs has eyes firmly fixed on the ball.

Jack Lores is best placed to win this footy despite some pressure from a couple of Doggy defenders.

Noons gives Onkas Scott Friend the alley-oop.

Reserve Grade action

Jim Hughes in the thick of it.

Air time for Cooper Gluyas

Josh Teakle launches towards goal.

William “The Flying Doormat” Bruce in action at Balhannah Oval.

Adam Eckermann about to apply a vice like grip on the footy.

Luke Clohesy takes a strong mark down low.

William Bruce just nailed a torpedo goal, much to the delight of Woody and Gavin Scott.

Brucey’s torpedo goal certainly brought a smile to his team-mates faces.

Round 17 action

Mark Thomas and Dylan Matsen both look very determined to win the footy.

Bustling Billy Stokes looking to escape the Hahndorf opposition and the mud.

Harley Montgomery flies high in front of the scoreboard.

Henry Bruce sinks the boot, despite pressure from a nest of Magpies.

Malachi Lines puts in a spoil on Scott Purling.

Bowen Hosking attempts a kick away as Hahndorf’s Matt Virgara spoils him.

150 gamer, Tyson “TJ” Scott gives Matt Jaensch the slip.

Cooper Nykamp (Hahndorf) and Harley Montgomery do battle.

Sam Spain fends off Matt Virgara as Chappy takes the ball.

Zain King has Hankin covered.

Henry Bruce with his signature mid air handball.

Groutchy isn’t giving the ball up that easy.

Malachi Lines spols Cooper Nykamp’s marking attempt.


Round 16 action

No, not the Galahs. A clutch goal from the home side and a quick glance at the scoreboard late in the final term, reveals that Uraidla have a 13 point lead.

“Bustling” Billy Stokes under the pump.

Sam Scott juggles the Sherrin.

Malachi Lines making Uraidla’s Tom Kluvanek earn this mark attempt.

William “The Flying Doormat” Bruce lays a strong tackle on Uri’s Nathan Remnant.

Mark “Thomo” Thomas attempts to soccer the ball whilst he is under some duress.

Bowen Hosking releases the ball despite Nathan Remnant’s efforts to spoil him.

Mark Thomas wins the 1 metre test and Groutchy is also ready to pounce.

Thomo spoils the ball off Luke Ivens boot.

Young Will Young doing a number on Gilesy’s ribs.

Key forward, Henry “Johnno” Johnson doesn’t always kick bags of goals, however he always competes.

The Flying Doormat (William Bruce) finds himself in the thick of the Uraidla pack.

Eye Catching Jamie Groutch looking to drive the ball forward.

Club President Graham Hughes presents Stewart LEIGH with his first A Grade jumper for Mount Barker.

Henry Bruce has plenty of support as he looks to offload the ball.

Bowen Hosking sinks the slipper.

Cooper Gluyas has the edge in this Ruck contest. Cooper played quite serviceably in Luke Giles’ absence.

Uraidla’s Nicholas Amato and Roos Mike A-Z look to have some sort of sync going on here.

Mark Thomas in action at Uraidla Oval.

Uraidla’s Luke Thomas looks determined as Chappy and Groutchy attempt to stifle his forward movement.

Round 15 action


Round 14 action

Round 13 action

A Grade & Reserves action from Heathfield Oval

Round 12 action

Round 11 action

Round 10 action

A Grade & Reserves action

Reserves action

Round 9 action

Round 8 action

Sam Scott and Henry Bruce in the thick of the action at Echunga Oval.

Mike A-Z dishes off the ball whilst he is airborne.

Malachi Lines takes an impressive overhead mark.

Noons showing us another way to mark a ball.

William “The Flying Doormat” Bruce in action.

This Echunga player uses Gilesy as a step ladder.

Johnno takes a strong chest mark.

Despite some pressure from Echunga’s Adam Edwards, Sam Scott is best placed to mark the ball.

Malachi Lines looks for his next option downfield whilst in hot pursuit from Echunga’s Nathan Ellis.

Mark Thomas does battle with Echunga skipper Dylan Reinbrecht.

Johnno has the upper hand against Dylan Reinbrecht and Luke Carey.

Harley Montgomery and Mark Thomas do battle with Echunga’s Max Harris and Jesse Edwards.

Nathan Ellis places Henry Bruce under pressure to get a quick kick away.

Tom Worthly in action.

Two former South Adelaide players, Henry Bruce applies a strong tackle on Echunga’s Xavier Gotch.

Henry Johnson applies a strong tackle on Echunga’s Jesse Edwards.


Reserves action from Echunga Oval

Griggsy attempts to take a speckie.

Austin Abraham shows some desperation.

AJ and Fieldy do battle with “Wizard” Sheehan.

Bowen Hosking sinks the slipper.



Abe Abraham

Josh Teakle

Round 7

Mike A-Z offloads with a desperate handball at Windy Hill on Saturday.

Jamie Groutch tries to give Blackwood’s Ryan Williams the slip.

Key forward Johnno shows his defensive skills.

Roos best player, Billy Stokes has his eyes firmly fixed on the ball.

Gilesy had his work cut out against high leaping Steve Woods.

Adam Eckermann takes a strong grab.

Mike A-Z takes off ahead of Blackwood’s River Moore.

Johnno got extra attention this week after last weeks’ ten goal haul. Johnno managed one goal this week.

Mark Thomas and Sam Spain battle against the odds in front of the Blackwood faithful.

Gilesy wins this rucking duel.

Blackwood skipper Kurt Thompson looks to stifle Simon Nunan’s marking attempt.

Ross Brooks, Malachi Lines and Billy Stokes in action at Windy Hill.

Johnno takes a strong mark.

Round 6

Luke Giles winning another tap.

10 goal Henry Johnson flies above the pack. Simon Nunan gives his team mate a little boost.

Noons shovels out a handpass to Sam Spain.

Adam Eckermann takes a strong overhead mark.

Despite being sat upon, Jarred Chapiln wasn’t going to cough the ball up that easy. Sam Scott comes to Chappy’s aid.

One of the Roos best on Saturday, Billy Stokes in action at Able Storage Oval.

Samuel Callins found the only puddle on the oval on Saturday. Former Roo, Henry Pope wants to join in.

Chappy, showing off some of his defensive skills on Saturday.

Noons turned back the clock on Saturday. Taking one of his many marks and contributed 6 goals.

Gilesy again, clearly about to feed the hungry on-ballers.

Henry Johnson, Tom Worthly and Adam Eckermann outpointing Mt Lofty’s “Buckets” Neilsen.

Johnno taking another strong overhead contested mark.

Mark Thomas gives Lofty’s Brad Burch the slip.

Mark Thomas and Sam Scott have corralled Mt Lofty’s Alex Weeks,

Sam Scott in action at Able Storage Oval.

Centre square action with Mark Thomas winning the footy.

Reserve Grade action

Malcolm Aston in the thick of it.

Tim Barnett and AJ contesting the mark as Griggsy awaits the outcome.

Daniel Hughes showing some desperation.

Bowen Hosking and Thomas Gibbon raffling this mark.

Clint Ray about to break away.

Malcolm Aston about to dispose of the ball under some pressure.

Reserves Capt Shane Ettridge gathers the ball and appears to be assessing his next move.

Zain King and Malcolm Aston sharing the footy around.

Josh Marshall has eyes firmly fixed on the footy.

Round 5 action

Roos V Lobethal

Roos (Year 2000) Premiership player and former senior coach, Andrew Bruce presents his son William his first “A” grade jumper.

Adam Eckermann takes a strong overhead mark in front of the balcony.

Henry Bruce looks to handball. Loby’s Jack Bampton and Roos Mark Thomas look on.

Henry Bruce about to launch the ball forward.

Noons takes a strong one handed mark.

Harley Montgomery takes a strong overhead mark.

Chappy goes the big spoil.

Henry Johnson has front position as Lobethal’s Stanbury looks to spoil this marking attempt.

Harley Montgomery gets a handball away under pressure.

Chappy fending the ball away from Lobethal’s Tim Jenkin.

A solid game in Ruck, Gilesy also chipped in with 3 goals when “resting” up forward.

Noons launches into this kick. The evergreen Simon Nunan chipped in with a couple of goals on Saturday.

Samuel Callins marking attempt goes to his head.

Noons at full stretch.

Roos best on ground Henry Bruce with ball in hand. Matt Chapman, Gilesy and Sam Scott lend a hand.

Matt Chapman dishes off a handball.

Sam Pfeiffer in action at Able Storage Oval.

Ross Brooks shepherds Loby’s Tim Jenkin to allow Matt Chapman a clear path.

Adam Eckermann edges out his Tigers opponent.

Samuel Callins charges towards goal.

Debutant, William Bruce in the thick of the action.

Tom Worthly incurred the wrath of the umpire with this less than subtle push in the back.

Ross Brooks needs a saddle in this contest.

Matt Chapman lays a strong tackle.

More air time for Tom Worthly.

Past Roos player & coach, Andrew Bruce with sons, Henry and William after the boys played their first senior (A Grade) game together.

Reserves action from Able Storage Oval.

Luke Clohesy takes a classic chest mark.

Daniel Hughes evades his Tigers opponent. Water dispatcher Bruce Marston is an interested onlooker.

Thomas Griggs feeling the brunt of this contest.

A lean looking Jackson Field surveys his options.

Young Josh Marshall gets some help from Clint Ray.

Matt Johns getting some extra attention from his Lobethal opponents.

Round 4 action

Roos V Onkas

Club stalwart David Greenslade presents Matt Chapman with his first A grade jumper.

Harley Montgomery is buried by the dogs as he gets a handball away. Ethan Bell is ready to swoop.

Henry Johnson sets himself for a mark as “Noons” prepares to get crunched.

Johnno attempts an overhead mark.

Cooper Gluyas takes a strong overhead mark.

Matt Chapman on the sidelines, ready to take the field in his A grade debut.

The sherrin was having trouble keeping up with Mike A-Z.

Mike A-Z getting some air time over Onkas Adam Klun.

Ethan Bell takes a strong overheard mark.

“Hard Nut”  Henry Bruce dishes off the ball. Matt Chapman and Luke Giles look on.

Samuel Callins and Henry Bruce smother this Onkas forward thrust.

Noons separates this doggy pack.

Onkas George-Dent takes a strong mark ahead of Henry Johnson.

Sam Scott’s jumper is now 4XL.

Reserves Action.

William Bruce crashes an Onkas tackle.

“Danger” showing off a bicep; Clint Ray’s got his back…??

Adam Eckermann looking for some A Grade action.

Austin Abraham looks to edge out his Onkas opponent.

Reserves action from Balhannah Oval.

Matt Johns gets front position in this Ruck contest.  Shane Ettridge looks on.

Brothers, Austin and Abe Abraham in the thick of the action.

Round 3 (Anzac Day) action.

Traditional rivals line up prior to the big game; to honour those men and women who served and to those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

Tom Hughes with ball in hand in action on Anzac Day.

Mike A-Z protects the ball as he’s about to be swamped by Magpies. Tom Hughes is sizing up the situation.

Tom Worthly is all eyes on the ball. Mark Thomas (R) and Samuel Callins (L) await the outcome.

Ethan “Ringer” Bell is about to snuff out any attempt by Hahndorf’s David Hankin to clear the ball.

Luke Giles has the advantage in this marking contest.

Hahndorf’s Nick Hankin executes a strong tackle on Billy Stokes. Billy was acknowledged in the Roos best players on Anzac Day.

Spearhead Henry Johnson has front position in this marking contest.

Key Hahndorf forward Darcy Hourigan has the numbers against him in this marking contest. Ross Brooks, Zain King and Samuel Pfeiffer are making sure Hourigan doesn’t get an easy possession. Luke Giles (29) waits for the outcome.

Luke Giles and Daniel Roberts in a ruck contest. Sam Scott and Mark Thomas look to benefit if Gilesy wins the tap.

Young Henry Bruce doing a Dusty Martin “Don’t Argue”

Mark Thomas in action under lights at Able Storage Oval.

“Thomas Johannes De Vries Van Leeuwen” Best on ground recipient Harley Montgomery with RSL Mt Barker Tom Addington.

Victorious Co-Captains Ross Brooks and Samuel Pfeiffer receive the annual team trophy from Mt Barker RSL’s Tom Addington.

Four time Murphy medallist, Tom Hughes is chaired off Able storage oval after his 150th appearance for the seniors.

Reserve Grade action

Reserve Grade action.

Reserve Grade action.

Reserves action.

*     *     *     *     *

Round 2

Mount Barker V Uraidla

Sam Spain breaks a Uraidla tackle as Gilesy provides a clear path. Mark Thomas looks on.

Henry Johnson in full celebration after kicking one of his five goals.

Mike A-Z has the ball firmly in his sights ahead of Uraidla 300 plus gamer Pucka Richards.

Gilesy and Braedon Renshaw in an unusual ruck duel as Sam Callins and Uri’s Nathan Remnant have a little battle of their own as they await the outcome.

Billy Stokes offers Uraidla’s Luke Thomas a man hug late in the final term on Saturday.

Uraidla’s Ricky Ebert has front possie in the contest with Tom Worthly. Nice bit of shadow work beneath these two.

Nice one handed mark by Noons early in the game.

The scoreboard shows the visiting Roos well in control into the final term at Uraidla.

Cooper Gluyas and Braeden Wotton contest the ball during the final term.

Round 1

Mount Barker V Echunga

Jorday Aitchison in action at Able Storage Oval on Saturday

Tom Hughes receiving some close attention.

Co-Captain Ross Brooks directing traffic.

Ryan Weidenhofer disposes of the ball as he is tackled by Echunga’s Kyle Biersteker.

Malachi Lines was a solid performer in defence at Able Storage Oval on Saturday.

Zain King rebounding from defence.

Roos, Jordy Aitchison and Luke Giles are focussed on the footy as are Echunga’s Jacob Broad and Jesse Edwards.

Eye catching recruit Mark Thomas was high in the Roos best on Saturday.

Luke Giles dominated the ruck contests on Saturday.

Numbers around the ball, as Gilesy offloads the footy. Plenty of Roo boys on hand from left, Tom Hughes, Samuel Callins, Harley Montgomery (5), Gilesy, Ryan Weidenhofer and Jordy Aitchison.

Henry Bruce looking very determined.

Elder statesman, Simon Nunan, “Noons” still strutting his stuff around Able Storage Oval.

Jordy Aitchison gets another clearance. Jordy featured high up in the Roos best on Saturday.

Echunga’s Adam Edwards gets a kick away despite some attention from Ethan Bell and Tyson Scott.

More Jordy Aitchison action.

Simon “Noons” Nunan in action.

Reserves Action

Sam Spain

Cooper Gluyas

Jesse Stokes lays a tackle; Cooper Gluyas comes in to assist.

Roos V Yankalilla Trial – March 24

Action from Cornerstone College Oval. Roos V Yankalilla Tigers

Recruited from Meadows, Mark Thomas is in the thick of the action.

Samuel Pfeiffer with ball in hand and Malachi Lines in action.

Billy Stokes looks to handball.

Jordy Aitchison looks set for a stellar season.

Max Glover gets a kick away despite some pressure from his tiger counterpart.

Back from a stint at South Adelaide, Henry Bruce found his feet back at Roo land.

*     *     *     *     *

First Semi Final action


High Fife. Samuel Pfeiffer launched himself at Hahndorf Oval on Sunday against Uraidla.

Samuel Pfeiffer had some serious air time.

Nick Jeavons takes a strong grab.

A very determined looking Michael Pope evades Uraidla ruckman Matt Down.

Samuel Callins looks to handball ahead of Uraidla’s Brayden Wotton.

Sam Scott drives the ball forward as Uraidla’s Nathan Remnant can only look on.

James Hughes in action on Sunday at Hahndorf Oval.

Consistent Jamie Groutch clears the ball out of defence.

Roos skipper, Jarred Chaplin looks focussed as he escapes the clutches of his Uraidla opponent.

Tom Hughes, Sam Spain and Michael Pope look on as Samuel Callins infringes with a high tackle.

Adam Eckermann in action at Hahndorf Oval on Sunday.

Tyson Scott looks to release the ball.

Uraidla’s Travis Oakley finds himself as the meat in the sandwich as Roos Chaplin, Nick Hill and Simon Williams join in the contest.

Simon Nunan is well placed to take a chest mark ahead of team mate Michael Pope and Uri’s Brayden Wotton.

Tyson Scott looks to drive the ball forward in last quarter action.

Elimination Final Action

A Grade

Roos skipper Jarred Chaplin puts his body on the line.

Unheralded Nick Hill lays a strong tackle.

Jamie Groutch gets airborne.

Tom Hughes surrounded by Lions

Nick Jeavons under pressure

Samuel Callins gets a kick away despite some pressure from the Lions John Pratt.

Sam Scott looks to offload.

Noons, does an Eddie Betts and “Soccered” his third of the day.

Noons is congratulated by his team mates

“Rookie” Sam Spain takes a strong mark.

A determined looking Ethan “Ringer” Bell enroute to a team lifting goal.

Belly celebrating a goal.

Zain King has eyes for the footy as he curtails the dangerous Braedon Renshaw.

Noons outpoints the Lions Ben Powell.

Noons has been in great form; leaving his opponent in his wake.


Henry Pope in action.

A determined Mitch Murphy breaks a tackle on his way to kicking a team lifting goal.

James Marston gives his Uraidla opponent the “Don’t Argue”

Clint Ray lays a strong tackle.

Thomas Gibbons tries to steal the ball

Josh Teakle attempts to take a strong contested mark.

Cooper Gluyas outpoints Onkas Jordan Wilson-King.

Nick Hill is looking for a way out as team mates Samuel Pfeiffer and Jim Hughes appear to impede his efforts.

Young Sam Spain is able to stifle Onkas Daniel Schoell’s marking attempt.

Michael Pope looks ahead as Onkas Damian Green is in hot pursuit.

Ever determined Jamie Groutch attempts to break a very strong Onkas tackle.

Luke Giles takes a strong contested mark at Balhannah on Saturday.

Samuel Pfeiffer shows his aerial skills.

Simon Nunan takes a strong one handed mark near the goal square.

Nick Jeavons gives the old “Don’t Argue” as he breaks a Bulldog tackle.

Jamie Groutch attempts to spoil the ball at Balhannah on Saturday.

Tyson Scott in action at Balhannah Oval on Saturday. “Nice Hair”

Sam Hammondattempts to break astrong tackle from Onkas Jordan Wilson-King.

Ollie Small has the ball tucked in as he braces for an uncomfortable landing.

Henry Johnson about to take a strong chest mark. Henry booted 5 valuable first half goals which paved the way for the Roos victory at Balhannah on Saturday.

Reserves Action

Reserve Grade action from Balhannah Oval

Evergreen Daniel Hughes under pressure from his Onkas opponent at Balhannah Oval.

Simon Williams attempts to handball away as Shane Ettridge closes in to provide support.

Simon Williams and Jesse Stokes in action at Balhannah Oval.

Onkas David Wescombe finds himself the meat in the Josh Marshall and Ben Pomery sandwich.

Round 17 action


Thomas Griggs in action.

Jackson Thomson in action at ABLE storage Oval.

A Grade action

“That Ball is Too Hot” Sam Scott and Simon Nunan had leather poisoning at ABLE Storage Oval on Saturday.

Ollie Small gets a handball away despite some attention from Loby’s Luke Nitschke.

Sam Spain does battle with Loby’s Dylan Freeman (22).

Nick Jeavons lays a handball off to his skipper Jarred Chaplin.

Michael Pope and Jarred Chaplin fight for possession as Loby’s Joe Zadow has other ideas.

Noons had the ball on a string last Saturday. here he gets a kick away despite the efforts of Loby’s Steve Huxter.

Power forwards, Henry Johnson and Simon Nunan contesting a mark on Saturday.

Jamie Groutch in his 150th appearance for the Roos takes one for the team as Loby’s Steve Huxter had delivered a solid bump. Nick Jeavons is close at hand to gather the crumbs.

Using his head, Zain King makes his Loby opponent earn this mark.

Sam Scott bursts through these two Lobethal opponents.

Noons, taking a strong contested mark.

Round 16 action

Jump Ball. Ethan “Ringer” Bell and the Lions Kurt Waterman battle for possession.

Torrens Valley Lions Brad Walkley is feeling the heat from the Roos Thomas Griggs and Andrew “AJ” Jarrad.

Sam Pfieffer at full stretch takes a strong mark ahead of team mates Zane King, Jamie Groutch and Simon Nunan.

Jamie Groutchapplies enough pressure to cause Lions Harley Montgomery to lose his balance.

Samuel Callins. “Look Ma, No hands.”

Sam Spain in action on Saturday at Mount Pleasant.

Roos skipper, Jarred Chaplin on the lead ahead of the Lions skipper John Pratt.

Roos high leaping Sam Pfeiffer (20) against equally high leaping Ben Powell (26)

Roos best player from Saturday, Tom Hughes gets a kick away as team mate, Ethan “Ringer” Bell ducks for cover.

Round 15 – Bye

Round 14 action

Sam Pfeiffer duelling with Echunga’s Luke “Duck” Carey at ABLE storage Oval on Saturday.

Tom Hughes pulls no punches with Echunga’s Dylan Reinbrecht.

Former Roo David Carter feels the force of Cooper Gluyas’s tackle. Sam Scott watches on.

Thomas Griggs looks to offload a handball while under pressure from Kyle Biersteker.


Big Matty Johns positions himself between the ball and his opponent.

Luke Clohesy drives the ball forward.

Round 13 action

TJ in action at Heathfield on Saturday.

Tyson Scott was dangerous in the forward lines particularly in the first half.

Michael Pope about to get a kick away.

Sam Scott about to put the after burners on.

Henry “Johnno” Johnson takes a fine overhead mark.

Roos interim skipper, Tom Hughes is tackled by the Mt Lofty evergreen Brad Burch.

Henry Pope leaves Heathfield Oval with an injured thumb. Not sure who looks more folorn, Henry or the Pres, Tim Glover.

Simon Nunan hopes to swoop on this ball before it reaches the boundary.

Tom Hughes looks for options downfield as Sam Scott looks on.

Henry Johnson celebrates a third quarter goal.

Jamie Groutch lays a tackle on Mt Lofty’s Sam Broadbridge.

Mt Lofty’s Matt Stapleton shows some desperation as he tackles Michael Pope near the boundary line.

Reserve Grade action

Reserve grade action from Heathfield

Reserve grade action from Heathfield

Reserve grade action from Heathfield

Reserve grade action from Heathfield


Round 12 action

Ethan “Ringer” Bell shows some desperation as he offloads with a handpass.

Roos skipper Tom Hughes gets the heave-ho from Hahndorf’s Daniel Roberts.

Roos best player Sam Pfeiffer gets a handball away despite Daniel Roberts (Hahndorf) attempt to spoil.

The Roos Ben Pomery, juggles the sherrin as he is hotly pressed by Hahndorf’s Luke Roberts and Matthew Buckley.

First gamer Mitch Murphy gets some attention from Hahndorf 4th gamer, Ben Salt.

Michael Pope avoids Hahndorf big man, Scott Purling.

Tom Hughes gets some air time as he attempted a mark of the year.

Henry Pope takes a great contested chest mark over Hahndorf’s Josh Young.

Jamie Groutch about to spoil Hahndorf David Hankin’s marking attempt.

Groutchy, Nick Hill and Tom Hughes among a nest of Magpies at Able Storage Oval on Saturday.

MAC (Motor Accident Commission) Medal recipient; Luke Giles is congratulated by Rossdale Homes representatives Brooke Parker and Tiffany Hall.

Reserves action

Reserve Grade action from Able storage Oval. Matt Johns has the upper hand in this ruck contest.

Tristan Glover in action.

Josh Teakle at full stretch.

Matt Sampson takes a strong chest mark.

Round 11

Round 10

Round 9

Zain King at full stretch spoils Onkas Adam Klun.

Michael Pope streams forward with some help from Tom Hughes albeit he is being tackled by Onkas Jesse O’Brien.

Noons in sync with Onkas Ben Hochuli.

Tom Hughes and Simon Nunan engage in some friendly fire.

Sam Scott attempts to steal the footy from Onkas Ben Hochuli.

Key forwards, Henry Johnson and Cooper Gluyas set themselves to mark the ball in the goal square. Goal Umpire, Robin “Pud” Crompton wont need the third umpire for this decision.

Tom Hughes breaks the pack with good mate Luke Giles in support.

Round 8 action

Samuel Callins in action at Lobethal on Saturday

Best on, Henry Johnson takes a strong mark.

Cooper Gluyas was in form on Saturday and contributed 3 majors to the Roos total.

Tyson Scott and Henry Johnson celebrate a goal.

Barkeroos Flag Man, Robin “Pud” Crompton, doing a little Math in between goals.

Sam Scott cuts a lonely figure out on the Lobethal Oval expanse. Plenty of admirers in the background though.

“Great Scott”. Sam Scott takes a nice mark.

Thomas “Gibbo” Gibbon had to contend with a sliding Matt Brockhouse.

First gamer, Andrew JARRAD made an impressive debut for the Seniors on Saturday at Lobethal.

Alex Oddy, another of the Barkeroo “Young Guns”.

Michael Pope taking a strong overhead mark.

Henry Johnson prepares to take a strong chest mark.

……and another from Henry Johnson.

Michael Pope lays a strong tackle on Loby’s Dylan Freeman.

Noons in full flight. Popey’s got his back covered.

A controversial moment during the A grade when Henry Pope was unceremoniously dumped (Sling Tackled) after the whistle.

Popey see Red…..errr……yellow as a result of coming to his brother’s aid. (Refer to the image above)


Josh Teakle looks to drive the Roos forward.

Clint Ray attempts to get a kick away despite some close attention.

Back from injury, jumping Jack Lores contests a ruck duel.

Back from the US, Taylar Marston takes a strong mark.

Jesse Stokes offloads a handball to Shaun Moyle.

Round 7 action

Roos skipper, Jarred Chaplin gets airborne.

The Lions Rob Thursby under pressure from the Roos Jamie Groutch.

Three of the best, Popey, Sam Pfeiffer and Henry Johnson.

Lions leading goal kicker John Boras gets a boot to the ball despite pressure from Simon Williams and Sam Pfeiffer.

Tom Hughes ahs Lions Brock Montgomery all wrapped up.

Thomas Gibbon made his debut for the Roos at Able Storage oval on Saturday.

Cooper Gluyas gets a handball away, Henry Johnson provides a shepherd.

Young Samuel Callins featured in the Roos best on Saturday.

A very happy looking Team Runner Brett “Rabbit” Heinrich.

Some Vintage “Noons” at Able Storage Oval on Saturday.

A grounded Noons, juggles a chest mark.

Henry Pope sinks the boot as Lions John Pratt attempts to spoil.

Henry Johnson attempts a spectacular one handed mark.

Henry Johnson attempts a smother.

Sam Pfeiffer looks to take a strong grab as Henry Johnson is kept out of the contest.

Round 6 (Bye)

Round 5 action

Spoiler alert. Echunga’s Jed Redden splits the pack as the Roos Luke Giles and Zane King also attempt the spoil.

Youngster Samuel Callins, about to get his kick away despite the close attention from his opponent.

Roos, Sam Hammond marks strongly ahead of Echunga’s Max Harris.

Roos skipper, Jarrad Chaplin with eyes firmly on the ball is best placed in this contest. Chappy featured in the Roos best players at Echunga Oval on Saturday.

Another of the Roos best from Saturday, Zane King has the upper hand as Echunga’s Adam “Jenno” Jennings spills the ball.

Luke Giles looks to move the ball forward. Gilesy also figured highly in the Roos best on Saturday.

Sam Pfeiffer marks strongly. Ethan “Ringer” Bell doesn’t have to worry about the crumbs on this occasion.

James Hughes looks determined to break through Fraser Thorn’s (Echunga) tackle.

Adam Eckermann is going to prove to be a thorn in opposition defences as the season rolls on.

Jamie Groutch with the “Don’t argue” attempting to break through Dylan Reinbrecht and Clint Guy.

Ben Pomery shepherds Echunga’s Joel Aish as Nick Hill attempts to gather to ball.

Tom Hughes looks to off-load as the grounded Jarrad Chaplin and James Hughes look on.

Reserve Grade action

Shane Ettridge and Nick Jeavons in action at Echunga Oval.

The Roos Josh Marshall braces for a strong bump.

Helmeted James Marston in action at Echunga Oval.

Budding Sports Journo Josh Teakle has been in good form in the Roos reserves.

ROUND 4 Reserve Grade action  (2017)

“Hey this Way” Josh Teakle appears to be pleading with team-mate Jesse Stokes to dispose of the ball to the Alexandrina Road end of the ground.

Young Shaun Moyle has this ball covered.

Roos Ruckman, Matt Johns appears to be giving the ball a High Five.

Justin McCue looks to trap the ball.

Alex ODDY looks to gather as his opponent is about to apply some pressure.

Anzac day highlights – Round 3

Yankalilla Trial


A grade action. Lucas Block takes a strong mark.


Trial action Ethan Bell.


Trial action. The Roos Thomas Gibbon.


Jack Lores in action


Zain King in action


Sam Hammond takes a strong mark


Reserve grade action


Round 18 action

Mount Barker 13.11 d Blackwood 7.9

Brooks, Woods

Ross Brooks and Blackwood skipper Steve Woods are 50/50 for this contest.


Gun forward, Henry Johnson knows how to celebrate a goal. Umpire Trevor Morrison is about to give the all clear.


Simon Nunan, “Noons” takes an unorthodox looking chest mark.


Cousins, Stuart Hill and Nick Hill look outnumbered here.

Hughes, Edwards

Two very classy players and Mail Medallists, Tom Hughes and Troy Edwards from Blackwood.

Hughes, Obushak, Ridley, Johnson, Edwards 2

Blackwood’s AJ Ridley lays a strong tacvkle on Henry Johnson. Mark “OB” Obushak is about to pounce on the ball.

Stay tuned, more pics to come.

Round 17 action

Mount Barker 13.9 d Lobethal 8.8

Shillitoe, Baust, Jenkin, T Hughes

Tom Hughes has the better of Loby’s Matt Jenkin and Trevor Baust.  Note how Kent Shillitoe is wearing Baust like a glove.

Giles, Bampton

“They might be Giants” ……. Bampton versus Goliath. Luke Giles towers over Loby’s Jack Bampton.

Nunan, J Weeks (24)

Noons sinks the boot in as Loby’s Jacob Weeks is too late to spoil.

D Higgins (12), Block

Roos coach Lucas Block has spearheaded the Roos revival in the second half of the season. The Roos are one win away from finals albeit fifth placed Loby must lose to Uraidla.

Block, H Pope, Stanbury (35)

Despite a flying lunge tackle attempt from Loby’s Nathan Stanbury, the Roos Henry Pope is about to offload a handball to Lucas Block. Club President “Willy” in the background looks like he wants “in” on the action.

Fioravanti, K Wills (41)

Roos “Hard Man” Jed Fioravanti has front position in this contest ahead of Loby’s Kenneth Wills.


Henry Johnson and Tom Hughes celebrate after a Roos goal. Johnno knows how to celebrate a goal…!! Club “Jack of all trades” David Kinchington is in the background making notes of the action.

Zadow, Samuel Scott

Young Colt, Samuel Scott has been a revelation this season for the Senior Roos. On this occasion Loby’s Joe Zadow has the better of the contest.

*     *     *     *     *

Round 16 action

Mount Barker 11.11 d Torrens Valley 8.6


Roo Boys in full voice “post game”, from left, Jarred Chaplin, Ross Brooks, Kyle Griffin, Ethan Bell, Caine Jinnette, Stuart Hill, Luke Giles and Bradley Wakefield.

Cooper, T Hughes

Tom Hughes gets boot to ball as Lions Anthony Cooper makes a late attempt to spoil.

D Hill, T Scott

Tyson Scott appears to have inflicted a chicken wing tackle on Lions Damon Hill. Senior playing coach Lucas Block is also ready to pounce.

eichner, pomery

Former Roo, Tom Eichner feels the brunt of a very strong tackle from Ben Pomery. Jamie Groutch (10) is ready to crumb as Umpire Peter Sandford adjudicates.

O'Sullivan, Bell, Eichner, T Hughes, Hill, Giles

A very determined Tom Hughes breaks a tackle from Tom Eichner. Roos players also pictured from left Ethan Bell (2), Jamie Groutch, Nick Hill and Luke Giles (29).


Samuel Scott looks to drive the ball forward as team-mate Liam Quinn offers encouragement.


Liam “The Eskimo” Quinn sinks the boot in during the third quarter on Saturday.


Caine “Sugar” Jinnette kicked a check-side goal at the Wellington Road end deep in the last quarter to give the Roos an 11 point lead.


Ross Brooks at full stretch takes a strong overhead mark and importantly kicked truly to seal the game against Torrens Valley.

*     *     *     *     *

Round 15 action

Ironbank 6.4 v Mount Barker 17.23


Roos coach, Lucas Block running with the flight of the ball, takes a great one handed mark ahead of his tagger, Ironbank’s Joel Bawden. Late in the third term, Block scored a goal from the eventual set shot.


How to shake a tag. despite being heavily “tagged” Ironbanks’ Joel Bawden appeared to have little effect against the Roos playing coach, Lucas Block. This was about Ironbank’s only high-light of the day.


Mike A-Z clears the ball from defence. Ross Brooks and Kent “Rowdy” Shillitoe are in support.


Fancy footwork. Young Taylar Marston has made a smooth transition into senior ranks. Here Taylar cleverly caressed the ball with his foot to a Roos player front and square. Taylar booted 4 majors and was involved in numerous goal assists.


The Roos have a new “Cult” Hero, Jed Fioravanti. Tough and uncompromising; Jed has been a valuable team member in season 2015.

S Hill, Philp (13), Brooks, Van Den Berg (24)

Tall timber, Ross Brooks looks ahead for options as Roos key defender stalls his Ironbank opponent.


Consistent performer Tom Hughes in Mail Medal form.


Young defender Ben Pomery. Senior coach, Lucas Block has shown a lot of faith in all the young players in his squad and the kids haven’t let him down.


Another key player in the Roos squad is defender, Bradley Wakefield. He has become a very important and solid member of our team.


The veteran of 292 senior Roo games, former skipper Simon Nunan still a consistent performer.


Caine “Sugar” Jinnette a welcome return to the seniors after an injury.

Round 14 action

Mount Barker 15.14 d Mount Lofty 4.5

Stevens, Shillitoe, H Pope, Bell, Quinn

Numbers to the ball. Kent “Rowdy” Shillitoe, Henry Pope, Ethan Bell and Liam “The Eskimo” Quinn gang tackle Mt Lofty’s DK Stevens.

S Hill, Chaplin

Roos skipper, Jarred Chaplin assesses the situation and Stuart Hill applies a strong block.

Groutch, Quin, Jeavons, Stapleton

First gamer Nick Jeavons offers support as Jamie Groutch looks to handball.


Roos ruckman, Luke Giles breaks even with Mt Lofty’s counterpart Sascha Oerhli.


Eyes on the ball, reliable defender Stuart Hill outpoints Mt Lofty’s Sam Hammond.

Round 13 action

Onkas 9.4 v Mount Barker 11.12


“Redheads Rule” Liam “The Eskimo” Quinn and Jed Fioravanti featured highly in the best players at the Dog Kennel Saturday.


Noons with ball firmly in hand about to break from Onkas utility Scott Friend.


Meat in the Roos sandwich. Henry Johnson and Samuel Scott apply enough pressure to cause a turnover.



Young Ethan Bell at full stretch ahead of Onkas Zac Georg-Dent.


Ben Pomery looks very determined as he punches the ball. Nick Hill (9) and Tom Hughes (7) await the outcome.


Mike A-Z comes under heavy pressure from Onkas Ben Hochuli. Kent “Rowdy” Shillitoe looks on.

Reserve Grade action


Young Brooksy about to get a handball away.


Shane “Buddah” Smith takes a strong mark.

Round 12 action


Not only the score-line being excellent; so is Maree “Pom’s” Soup at the Canteen…..

Hughes, Roberts

Best on ground Tom Hughes, gets a handball despite the efforts of the Pies Scott Paul and Matthew Roberts.

Purling, De Wit

Gus De Wit gets the jump on Hahndorf’s Scott Purling. Second gamer, Taylar Marston awaits the outcome.


Roos Coach Lucas Block literally blocks his Hahndorf opponent out of the contest. The Roos prevailed by 33 points against the old enemy at Roo Park.


Jed Fioravanti put in another solid performance for the Roos on Saturday.


Welcome back to Ross Brooks; his first game this season; back from injury.


Mark Obushak made a welcome return to the Roos Reservs after a lengthy time on the sidelines after recovering from an injury. Image courtesy Roy Liebich (Hahndorf).

Round 11 action

Mt Barker 16.16 (112) d Echunga 9.9 (63)


Roos skipper, Jarred Chaplin about to take a strong pack mark. Team-mate Ben Pomery finds himself the meat in the sandwich.

Edwards, T Hughes

Tom Hughes and Echunga skipper, Adam Edwards battle for possession as the ump decides on a ball up.

H Pope, Maslin

Echunga’s Shane Maslin applies a strong tackle on the Roos Henry Pope. Pope had the last laugh with the Roos running out comfortable winners by 49 points.


Mike A-Z finds himself outnumbered by four Dees players. Jed Fioravanti waits for the outcome.


Jed Fioravanti gets some heavy attention from his Echunga opponent. Mike A-Z and senior coach Lucas Block (8) are in the right location to crumb the ball.


One of the Roos best; Stuart Hill; recruited from North Adelaide gest a handball away ahead of former Roo (Dwayne Henke) and former Norwood Redleg (Jesse Aish).


Defender, Ben Pomery played like a seasoned campaigner on Saturday. here he dashes from defence with rookie, Samuel Scott looking on.


The Roos Boys singing the club song and as is tradition the “Newbies” are in the centre. (Jed Fioravanti, Taylar Marston and Thomas Griggs)

Reserve Grade action

ADS_2287 ADS_2281 ADS_2275

Round 10 action

Mt Barker 10.8 (68) V Uraidla 10.9 (69)


Nick Hill rises high above the pack in an attempt to take a mark. Unfortunately he spilled this one. Hilly featured in the best players and was solid in defence.


Battle of the Simons; the Roos Simon Nunan and Uraidla’s Simon Ebert do battle for the cherry. Noons has Samuel Scott (left) and Luke Giles (right) in support.


One of the Roos best from Saturday; Kent “Rowdy” Shillatoe about to kick the ball forward with Uri’s Tudor-Tsourtos in hot pursuit. Note the way Kent has placed the sponsor’s product (SPORTSPOWER) for the camera.


Young Tom Griggs takes front position in this marking contest against Uri’s Tom Worley.


Samuel Scott gains possession of the footy despite some strong attention from Uraidla ruckman Matt Down.


“Gus” De Wit has the front running ahead of Uraidla skipper Paul “Pucka” Richards.


Tom Hughes blocks out his Uraidla opponent and allows clear passage for Gus De Wit late in the final term.

luke a-z

Luke A-Z takes a strong contested mark over team-mate Simon Williams. Uraidla’s Tom Kluvanek (7) is about to spoil.

Reserves action


The Roos reserves failed by 17 points and find themselves out of the top five by 4 games. The Roos were more competitive this week after last weeks’ blackout. Roos, pictured from left to right are Tristan Glover, Daniel Stone and Abe Abraham.


Veteran Roos player Daniel Hughes evades the grasp of Uraidla veteran Andrew Moulds.

Round 9 action

Blackwood 15.11 (101) d Mt Barker 14.13 (97)

Block, AJ Ridley, N Hill, Edwards, Jones (32)

Defender Nick Hill; is heavily outnumbered by Blackwood’s AJ Ridley, Troy Edwards and Daimon Jones. Roos Coach Lucas Block (rear) is sizing up the situation.

Fioravanti, AJ Ridley, Thomas Griggs, Lores obscured

Second gamer, Thomas Griggs charges towards goal with Blackwood’s AJ Ridley in hot pursuit. The Roos, Jack Lores attempts to shepherd Ridley.

Herbert, N Hill, Furness (43), T Hughes

Late in the final term and the Roos have made a strong comeback. Here Tom Hughes attempts to break a pack including former Crow Lucas Herbert and Nick Hill looks on from ground level.


Young Ben Pomery gets a kick away despite some attention from Blackwood key forward Dundovic.


Named in the Roos best players, Jed Fioravanti has proved to be a solid acquisition to the Roos senior line up since his transfer from Gepps Cross.


Henry Pope shows some desperation late in the final quarter when the game had to be won.


Caine “Sugar” Jinnette, Luke Giles and Mike A-Z can raffle this ball, Stuart Hill (rear) wants a bit of the action as well.


Roos skipper, Jarred Chaplin gets a handball away despite some pressure from Woods Michael Minuzzo.


Fancy Footwork. Stuart Hill attempts to get boot to ball. Either way the ball went through the big sticks and the Roos scored a goal from this foray late in the final term.


Roos Bradley Wakefield shows desperation on the last line of defence.

Round 8 action

Mt Barker 4.11 (35) v Lobethal 7.8 (50)


Bampton, Callins, Fioravanti, Zadow

Samuel CALLINS finds himself the meat in the Tiger sandwich. Jed Fioravanti comes in to even up the numbers.

Nunan, Weeks

In his 285th game for the Roos, Simon NUNAN looks to drive the ball forward. Tigers’ youngster Mitchell WEEKS is in hot pursuit.

Kumnick, Lores, Jenkin (2)

Jack Lores is double-teamed by Tigers Alex KUMNICK and Matt JENKIN; as the ball spills free. Other Roos pictured L-R are Ethan BELL, Tom HUGHES, Kent “Rowdy” SHILLITOE (obscured) and Stuart HILL.

Round 7 action

Torrens Valley  23.12 (150) d Mt Barker 15.7 (97)

Callins, Fawcett, Groutch

Young Gun, Samuel CALLINS. Jamie Groutch to the rear and Torrens Valleys Ashley Fawcett.

Hanna, Ethan Bell, T Hughes

Ethan Bell gathers the ball as ex Roo Ben “Digger” Hanna comes in to tackle and 100 gamer Tom Hughes lends a hand.


Roos skipper, Jarred Chaplin.


Jed Fioravanti about to spoil the incoming ball ahead of Torrens Valley spearhead John Boras.


Luke Giles has the upper hand in this ruck duel. Stuart Hill, Tom Hughes and Nick Hill await the outcome.


Luke Andruszkiewicz (A to Z); had a great game up forward kicking 8 goals.

Reserve Grade action


Reserve grade action


Big Stonie takes a strong grab


Three Amigos, From right, Stonie, Bradd Lamont and Ben “Bristle” Tarca


Aiden Quinn gets a kick away.


Josh Teakle applies a strong tackle.

Round 6 action

 Mt Barker 8.12 (60) v Ironbank 13.6 (84)

Ump Ross Wall, Harrison (19), Quinn, M Williams.

Liam Quinn lays a strong tackle on Ironbank’s Mark Harrison. Matt Williams, in his last game for the Roos this season appeals for the free kick. Umpire Ross Wall looks on.


Busy rover, Tyson Scott is set to swoop on a loose ball.


In his 99th senior game for the Roos, Tom Hughes gets a handball away.


Great Scott. Young Samuel Scott has been very impressive in his first two outings in Senior ranks. Scott gets a kick away despite some attention from Ironbank’s Mark Harrison.

Chaplin Mark

“Air Time”. Outnumbered by 3 Ironbank players, Roos skipper, Jarred Chaplin takes a strong chest mark.


Roos best, Matt Williams takes a strong overhead mark.

Groutchy is determined not to cough the ball up despite a strong tackle from two Mt Lofty Devils. Tom Hughes (L) and Luke A-Z are on hand to assist. Umpire Kim Graham (rear) appears to have seen an infringement.


High flying Roos from left Nick Hill, Kent Shillitoe, Simon Williams and Luke A-Z a formidable last line of defence at Goat Park on Saturday.


“Jumping” Jack Lores launches towards goal in the third quarter. Lores was instrumental in the Roos fightback. The Roos came from a 3 goal deficit to defeat Mt Lofty by 7 points.


Bradley Wakefield offloads a handball as Jamie Groutch looks on.

Matt “Moon Shadow” Williams and Onkas Sam Ferraro appear to have a “Dead Heat” in this Ruck contest. Willy was adjudged 2nd best for the Roos and Ferraro 4th for the Doggies.