The following aims have been formulated in accordance with guidelines prescribed by the S.A.N.F.L. (South Australian National Football League), the H.F.L. (Hills Football League), and the Australian Sports Commission.

Officials, Coaches, Players and Supporters of The Club will, through their actions, Promote, Encourage, Foster and Advance the game of Australian Rules Football.

Members of The Club should direct their efforts towards The Club’s success.

The Club will endeavour to ensure there is effective management which will promote unity and common purpose.

The Club is to provide the necessary facilities, equipment and personnel so that the sporting and social needs of its members is achieved.

To promote the game of Australian Rules Football to the highest level in which The Club competes.
Players are to represent The Club, both on and off the field in a manner which promotes The Club as a professional organization.
Players are to set an appropriate example so as to encourage junior players to aspire to playing at the highest level within The Club or higher.
Players are expected to take an active part in activities organised by The Club and support fellow players by fulfilling duties allocated to them.
Players are encouraged to direct any concerns they may have to their appropriate team manager, player representative or a member of the match committee.
Players found in breach of the above ideals will be asked to attend before an appropriate committee.

The Junior Policy has been formulated on the basis of guidelines established by:
The Hills Football League.
The South Australian Football League Junior Policy.
The Aussie Sports Policy.
The Policy sets out specific objectives and a framework for the organisations of U/17, U/14, U12, U/10 teams. The club accepts responsibility for our junior footballers and the junior policy recognises the need to encourage participation, provide positive support, adequate equipment and facilities for them.

“Direction of The Mount Barker Football Club”

To be consistently competitive that The Mount Barker Football Club should always be able to retain a position in the top 3 clubs on the HFL Premiership table.
To provide the players and their families an environment at Mount Barker that can be regarded as home.

Ensure that all current senior players are retained and confident in the future development of their football at Mount Barker. Encourage our colts to progress through the grades to the senior levels, and be proud to play for The Mount Barker Football Club.
To respect the welfare of all players.

Endeavour to attract all players residing within the district, and to be prepared to target key players for positions unable to be filled adequately by current resources.

One of our prime responsibilities is to continue to ensure the development of juniors playing Australian Rules Football in our district. Please see junior directions for more information.


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