Roos Collar Dogs

High Flying Roos Deny Dogs. In form forwards, Henry Johnson and Cooper Gluyas look well placed to out-mark their opponents. A solid 4 quarter effort by the Mt Barker Roos dented the Onka Valley Dogs hopes of remaining in the top 5 after Round 9 of Hills Footy action. The Roos ran out winners by 8 goals and have cemented 4th position on the ladder and now look to play the undefeated Blackwood at ABLE Storage Oval next Saturday.  Goal Umpire Robin “Pud” Crompton watches closely for the ball off hands.    *** Apologies in advance for a couple of weeks if no posts as the author will be absent for the next two matches.  ***

Zain King delivers a solid spoil as Sam Pfeiffer watches on.

Michael Pope makes a break for it as Tom Hughes keep Jesse O’Brien at bay.

Noons gets some air time.

Friendly Fire, when two mail medallists collide.

Sam Scott winning the hard ball.

Tom Hughes in the thick of it, with old mate Luke Giles not far behind.

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