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AFL “Barkeroo” Womens’ Training highlights

AFLW training at ABLE Storage Oval

Senior Coach Pat Sim instructing a very enthusiastic group of players.

“Uplifting” …… Frank “The Tank” Howe shows the ladies how to engage a Tackle Bag. Must be something to do with that Port Power Guernsey…!!

The new lights have been a fantastic acquisition. Many thanks to former club president Malcolm Williams, Scott Filmer and the Mount Barker Council for their commitment.

More training action from ABLE Storage Oval.

AFL-W training is every Monday and Wednesday at ABLE Storage Oval (Mt Barker) from 6:30 p.m.

Pat SIM and Frank “The Tank” HOWE show the ladies how it’s done. What is it with the Port guernseys…..???

Barkeroos Enlightened

Former Roos Club President and current HFL President Malcolm Williams, and current Roos Club President Tim Glover are all smiles after inspecting the new light towers at ABLE Storage Oval.

The Barkeroos AFLW players have given the new lights the “Thumbs Up” The Roo Ladies were first to experience the new lights. From left to right are Jade Joy, Jodie Dayman, Katie Dunstan, Amanda Clarke and Kylie De Bruyn.

ABLE Storage Oval under lights.

HFL President Malcolm Williams congratulates Scott Balmer (Mount Barker Council project officer – community assets) for his excellent participation. Also present are CME Sports Lighting team members Wayne Mattner and Lucas Newton.

Womens’ Football

Womens’ Footy pre-season training has resumed. Every Monday and Wednesday from 6:30 p.m. at ABLE Storage Oval. **Note** Some trainings may be held at Cornerstone College Oval.

Barkeroo girls in action at ABLE Storage Oval this week.

Some “one on one” competitive training.

8 Weeks To Go …. !!!!

Senior men’s pre-season is well underway.  The Ladies have also returned to full training; check out their pics on the link “Womens’ Football” on this page.


The senior playing group listen intently to Senior Coach Scott Tidemann.

Roos pre-season training is well underway, and here they are under the watchful eye of fitness coordinator “Darren” and senior coach Scott Tidemann.   Coach Tidemann would be pleased with the numbers on the track and the effort they are putting in.


Eight (8) weeks to go until the season proper and the senior players are putting in the hard yards.

On a warm down lap and the Roo Boys appear to be enjoying the fruits of their labour.