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Elimination Final action


Groutchy rebounding from defence. Simon Williams gets in the way of Uraidla’s Travis Oakley.


Groutchy again, bursting out of defence. Henry Pope is urging him on as Uri’s Tom Worley attempts to lay a tackle.

M Pope

Uraidla’s Simon Ebert is airborne in the goalsquare. Micahel Pope and Ben Pomery look to snare the crumbs.

mob of roos

Uraidla’s Wade McLean finds himself outnumbered by a mob of Roos.


OB and Uraidla’s Tim Halliday set themselves for a synchronised marking contest.


Rhys Slape lunges at Will Young as James Hughes looks to corner him.


Uraidla’s Simon Ebert looks to have the edge on Groutchy in this contest.

Roos Season Over, Block Clocks Off.


The Barkeroos were knocked out of the finals race for season 2016 after losing to Uraidla Football Club in the first Elimination Final at Windy Hill. The Roos were defeated by Uraidla 8.14 (62) to Mt Barker 5.10 (40). Here Senior Coach Lucas BLOCK and Club President Malcolm WILLIAMS leave Blackwood Oval. Blocky announced that he will not be continuing on in season 2017.

Finals Time


ELIMINATION FINALS: This Sunday 28 August at Blackwood Oval.


Mini Colts – 8:30 a.m.     Mount Barker v Hahndorf

Junior Colts – 9:40 a.m.    Mount Barker v Blackwood

Senior Colts – 11:00 a.m.     Mount Barker v Onka Valley

A Grade – 2:30 p.m.      Mount Barker v Uraidla

Senior “Roos” action Round 18

Check out the Senior Colt action under the JUNIORS link.

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Luke Giles clearly wins this ruck contest against a quality opponent in Matt Down.


Former Roo Nathan Remnant feels the wrath of a strong Sam Hammond tackle.


Stuart Hill takes a tumble ahead of ahead of three opponents. “Ringer” Bell is sizing up the situation.

j Hughes giles

James Hughes about to get boot to ball despite some pressure from Matt Down.

j Hughes

James Hughes in the thick of it again.

“Bain” Maree hangs up her Apron

Maree canteen

After 5 years service, “Bain” Maree POMERY hangs up her apron. A heartfelt thanks to Maree and her biggest supporters, David, Stacey & Ben for their service and commitment to the Mount Barker Football Club. Pictured here; Maree is flanked by Catrina ORR, Pom, Stacey and Annabelle Greenslade on her last shift. Onya Maree.

Deja Vu


The Roos were down on Saturday; however they are not out. As the twists & turns of the HFL season unfolded in the final round; the Roos find themselves up against Uraidla (again) in the cut throat elimination Final at Windy Hill (Blackwood) this Sunday. Pictured here is Roos James Hughes getting a handball away despite a desperate tackle from Uraidla’s Tim Halliday. Uraidla won the contest 11.6 (72) to the Roos 6.8 (44)

All or Nothing…..!!!


LIFE MEMBERS DAY. All or nothing for the Roos this Saturday at ABLE Storage Oval. The fourth placed Roos, play the sixth placed Uraidla Demons. A win will guarantee the Roos at the least an Elimination Finals berth. Also of importance is the Senior colts clash, where the fifth placed Roos need to defeat the visitors to stay in the finals hunt. Action starts at 8:45 a.m. mini colts, and the main event is 2:30 p.m.

Round 17 “A” Grade action


Ethan Bell gathers the ball ahead of his Blackwood opponent. Gilesy and Michael Pope lend some support.


Cooper Gluyas had the better judgment in this marking contest in front of the Blackwood faithful.


Groutchy gets a handball away to coah and team-mate Blocky.


Sam Hammond looks further downfield as Ross “Drill Bit” Brooks distracts the Blackwood advances.


Sam Hammond outpoints Blackwood’s Jake Atkinson.


Stuart Hill gets some air in this marking attempt.


Mail Medallists, the Roos Tom Hughes and Blackwood’s Troy Edwards battle for possession.

j hughes

james Hughes offloads to the running Kent “Rowdy” Shillitoe.


Young Ben Pomery is outnumbered in the Blackwood goal-square. Pom, who finished 5th best on Saturday was able to prevent the home side scoring a goal on this occasion. Mount Barker club stalwart and Wistow cricket legend Robin “Pud” Crompton (Goal Umpire) has his eyes firmly fixed on the sherrin


Simon Williams takes on Blackwood’s Haydn Kenny and Daniel Bennetts.


Roos “Fate” in Own hands

Benson (38) Darcy (6), Nunan, T Hughes (7)

The Woods were a little mightier than the Roos at Windy Hill on Saturday. The home side triumphed 14.15 (99) to the visiting Roos 9.12 (66). Pictured is Simon Nunan who started the game in the backlines and finished with 3 goals. Tom Hughes is in support. This week the Roos take on old foe Uraidla at ABLE Storage Oval. Victory will guarantee a finals berth.