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Roos Down Dees

slape 2

A Grade debutant Rhys SLAPE enjoys the Roos club song after a victory over Echunga. The Roos ran out victors 19.10 (124) to Echunga 3.12 (30). As tradition has it, any player who enjoys a maiden victory in the seniors, is the centre of attention in the “Post Match” huddle.  The Roos have maintained their hold on fifth place on the ladder.  With three rounds remaining before the finals; the Roos will look to continue their good form against Mt Lofty this Saturday at ABLE Storage Oval.


Rhys SLAPE in first quarter action at Echunga Oval. For more Round 14 action pics click on the link.

Round 15 action


Cooper Gluyas had a solid outing against Echunga; he got the jump on his Echunga opponent.

coop giles

Cooper Gluyas and Luke Giles were outpointed in this contest.

hill 2

Stuart Hill about to be the recipient of a “Falcon” and a nice piece of product placement for SPORTSPOWER Mt Barker.


Stuart Hill wins this contest against Echunga’s Henry Reuther

pom chappy

Chappy has the ball in his grasp despite the efforts of ben Pomery and Echunga’s Xavier Larcombe.

scott 2

Tyson Scott lays an unusual tackle; perhaps he learned that from John Hopoate (Rugby League fame).


Round 14 action


Cooper Gluyas in action at ABLE Storage Oval Saturday.


Key Forward, Sam Hammond get airborne.


Gilesy crosses swords with Kenny Wills.


Groutchy heads goalwards despite the efforts of Loby’s Luke Nitschke.


Sam Hammond in full flight.


Tom Hughes at the bottom of the pack. James Hughes and Gilesy are on hand to even up the numbers.


James Hughes has one goal in mind.


Simon Williams “Pants-ed” Loby’s Luke Nitschke. Bustling Billy Stokes looks somewhat surprised.


Anyway you can OB. Plenty of Roos in the pic. From left. Michael Pope, OB, Tyson Scott, Simon Williams (rear), and Sam Hammond (right).

s hill

Head and Shoulders. Stuart Hill taking a strong overhead mark; and a bag of 5 goals again.


The Roos celebrate another goal and know they have the 2 points in the bag. Even trainer David Cox and runner Scott Tidemann get in on the celebrations.


Lobethals Trevor Baust tries to leap frog Roos Tom Hughes.


Tom Hughes has been in stellar form for the Roos this season.


Tyson Scott lays a tackle on Loby’s Jack Bampton.


Lobethals’ Kenny Wills and the Roos’ Simon Williams getting in the Olympic spirit performing some Synchronised Rucking


Simon Williams was in everything Saturday. Tyson Scott is in the thick of it as well.


Big Willy again and look who’s front and square…..T Scott.

Roos Bound to 5th place


Ethan “Ringer” Bell gets a handball away despite some strong attention from Loby’s Alex Wills. Reliable defender Nick Hill is on hand to assist his team-mate. The Roos triumphed 13.9 (87) to the Tigers 8.10 (58). The Roos leap-frogged to be fifth on the ladder and relegated Lobethal to sixth place.

Round 13 action

h pope

Henry Pope gets a handball away.


“Drill Bit” Brooks arrives fractionally late to execute a smother. Love the grimace on his face.

chappy 2

Roos skipper, Jarrad “Chappy” Chaplin has been in great form. Nice overhead mark taken here.


Henry Pope, Cooper Gluyas and Tyson Scott have the numbers………looks like Rowdy is heading for the interchange…????


Noons about to take a contested mark despite some attention from Ironbank’s Scott Wendelborn.


Great front on tackle from Ben Pomery as one of Ironbanks’ better players, Sean Baker tries to take young Pom on.


Sam Hammond has time to twirl his moustache.

hamo bell

Sam Hammond and “Ringer” Bell get the better of Ironbank’s Van Paridon

j hughes

Jim Hughes isn’t going to let Ironbank’s Trevor Harradine get an easy kick.


Kent “Rowdy” Shillitoe takes a great overhead mark.

s hill

Stuart Hill marking strongly.


Outta my way Ump, as Bustling Billy Stokes heads goalward.

t hughes 2

Tom Hughes in the thick of it. Gilesy’s not far away as is Belly.

t hughes

Tom Hughes hotly pursued by Ironbank’s Josh Piston.

t scott

Here’s a mob of Roos, Tyson Scott, Pom, Gilesy and Michael Pope. Where are the opposition.


Simon Williams in action.

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  • Reserve Grade action


Veteran Daniel Hughes escapes the clutches of his Ironbank opponent.

ressies 2

Alex Nyhuis in action.


Brad Strout with a look away handball.

ressies 4

Austin Abraham attempts to break a tackle.

ressies 3

Clint Ray gets a little air time.

Roos back in Finals Race

final score

The Senior Roos had a comfortable “Percentage” boosting 13 goal victory over Ironbank. The 6th placed Roos have a home game against 5th placed Lobethal at ABLE Storage Oval next Saturday.


groutch mac

Jamie Groutch (R) receives congratulations from “Acting” Club President Tim Glover on receiving the MAC (Motor Accident Commission) medal.

Roos v Ironbank


Enjoy the weekend off. Next match is Mount Barker v Ironbank at ABLE Storage Oval (July 16).

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