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Roos “Down”……not out


Roos Co-Capt Michael Higgs has a vice like grip on the ball while under pressure from four Uraidla opponents. The Roos have struggled with injury after 8 rounds. Despite that; they remain in 3rd place on the ladder.



Roos best player on Saturday, Michael POPE looks for options downfield. He is well protected from Uri’s Tim Delvins by team mates Michael Higgs (obscured) and Luke A-Z (left).


Ruckman, Luke Giles takes a big grab over Uraidla’s Will Young. Phil Smith (4) and Caine “Sugar” Jinnette (27) are waiting for the crumbs.



Phil Smith crashes into former Roo, Nathan “Fatty” Remnant. Smith had the better of this hard ball contest.


Ebel, Byrt, Pridham

Scot Byrt has “eyes” only for the ball as Ray Ebel (Left) and Jase Pridham (Right) have Byrty out-numbered.



Defender Ross Brooks gets some “air time” as he defends another forward thrust from Uraidla. Jamie Groutch appears to be best placed to mop up.


Higgs,Lores,Delvins,T Hughes,Luke A-Z, K Shillitoe

Tim Delvins (U) gets his kick away despite being heavily outnumbered. From left, Michael Higgs, Jack Lores, Tom Hughes, Luke A-Z, Kent Shillitoe and Luke Giles (Rear)